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Target10toWin! business development system is available in several formats to fit your needs.

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The Target10toWin! kit includes:

  • Online learning for distributed learning
  • Modules for webinars
  • Coaching kits for sales managers

Target10toWin! Sales
Training Seminars

Charlie Van Hecke is available to personally facilitate your sales training seminar. Call
434-906-8673 today for availability and rates. for more information.

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Sales Training Book

Target10toWin!, by Charlie Van Hecke, focuses on the importance of sales, the psychology behind the sales process, and the actionable steps necessary to enable you to capturing sales lightening in a bottle.

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Time is Money.

Learn How to Earn More & Work LessTarget10toWin! is a weekly business development program that is specifically designed to teach businesses how to increase sales leads and close sales. Whether you are a CEO, sales manager, or sales representative, you live and die by the numbers on the spreadsheet and by the hours in the day.

This race against the clock is not for the weak hearted or thin skinned. Every year the race starts over, and the challenging question of “What have you done for me lately?” is asked by management.

Any person ultimately held responsible for sales realizes that it is their job to increase revenue to meet, or preferably exceed, quarterly targets. The great news is that sales people by nature are competitive. They want to perform. The challenge for most is that there is only so much time in the day.

Scheduling conflicts, deadlines, escalating sales targets, and lean staff have left many feeling frustrated, stressed and unsupported. As a result, sales goals are not met and staff turnover rises.

Target10toWin! is the answer for Business leaders who want results NOW!

Success in sales comes down to a basic formula. Effort ÷ Time Spent on Task = Return. Target10toWin! shows you how to optimize your efforts, decrease time spent on task, and ultimately how to maximize your return by increasing sales leads and closing sales.

Whether you are a sales person, business owner, sales manager or job seeker – action is required to produce a positive outcome. Target10toWin! guides you to success through reasonable goal setting, the defining of achievable expectations, and identifying viable target markets.

How can you turn your dreams into reality?

Attitude, Organization, Time Management and Creating Opportunities are the foundational elements of Target10toWin! This system shares with you best practices as well as a collection of success habits that have been organized to help you overcome time constraints with easy to execute activities.

Reap the benefits of a weekly game plan! Learn daily personal marketing strategies which will help you develop persuasive sales techniques and messaging for buyers. There is even a persuasive message method that maximizes Smart Phone efforts in real time to make every moment count!

With Target10toWin! you will learn how to:

  • Leverage technology using Real Time strategies including methods and skills for the Smart Phone
  • Learn how to increase sales and create a constant source of leads
  • Develop high impact, curiosity building verbiage for phone calls and emails that result in increased sales through implementation of a trademarked approach known as, The Persuasion Equation
  • Examine the power of Olympic style execution and eliminate bad habits with a tool called the “Approach Coach”

Key Areas of Focus Include: Organization, Time Management, Telesales, Cracking Competitive Accounts, Overcoming Sales Objections, Networking and Gaining Referrals.

Target10toWin! takes only one hour a day!

Target10toWin! teaches you how to:
  • Secure more face-to-face meetings with VIP Decision Makers
  • Increase the pipeline of opportunities
  • Increase revenue and profitability

Created by Master Salesman,
Charlie Van Hecke

Target10toWin! is a sales training seminar designed to help you increase sales leads, close sales, and turn your dreams into reality. Charlie began his sales career at the age of thirteen with a door-to-door newspaper subscription sales job. He progressed through the ranks of Dictaphone Corporation and Pitney Bowes World Training Center where he began cataloguing the Best Practices of High Performing Sales People.

Through Target10toWin!, Charlie shares his Best Practices honed and tested in the field as well as new techniques and methods to maximize today’s technology and save time. He can truly show you and your sales force how to increase sales leads and capture sales lightening in a bottle!

Improve your sales skills today by learning from the best sales training books on the market, starting with Target10toWin. To sales training materials, schedule a sales training seminar, or for more information on Target10toWin!, contact Charlie Van Hecke. Sales training seminars are available throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.