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Make an Impression in Less Than 30 Seconds.

In our fast paced world, decision makers and buyers are extremely busy people who can seem impossible to reach. Time is money for them as well. Sales professionals savvy enough to progress past corporate gatekeepers on the phone or in person only have about 30 seconds to make an impression with a V.I.P. Having persuasive sales techniques and overcoming sales objections is critical.

Creating opportunities for selling is one of the foundational elements of Target10toWin! Sales professionals need a quick way to build curiosity, communicate major benefits, and request an appointment. Their communication skills and sales techniques must be razor sharp!

The Persuasion Equation method presented in Target10toWin! was developed for the very purpose of getting the attention of buyers and motivating V.I.P.’s to jump start the business development process!

What is the Persuasion Equation?

The Persuasion Equation is a powerful and effective communication method. This powerful, high-impact, persuasive sales technique is field-tested and proven to increase appointments and ultimately sales. The Persuasion Equation can be successfully applied to telesales, personal visits, networking, and Internet/email communications.

Skills mastered through the Persuasion Equation will also help sales representatives in successfully overcoming sales objections including navigating buyer resistance, hesitancy, scheduling concerns, and even rejection.


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